Important notes:

[1] The appropriate e-mail address has to be written in manually if you want to contact me. This is to try avoid some of the spammers who could find it by scanning the site.

[2] Please only send me mail as Plain Text and not as HTML. Keep the subject line as short as possible so that it is not mistaken for spam.

[3] Please do NOT publish any of my e-mail addresses on your web site as that could lead to me getting more spam again. You are welcome to provide a link to my site.

Amateur Radio e-mail:  
Personal e-mail:  

I use a program called MailWasher with the FirstAlert option. This is set to automatically delete any mail source that is on my blacklist or is on their spam database.

If you find that any mail that you send to me is not replied to within a day or so then it could have been blacklisted in error. Just try again. If it still does not work then the only option is to send me a request to check my blacklist but it will have to be from another e-mail address. I am sorry if this causes any problems but the quantity of spam received, and the content, has required drastic measures.

For information on MailWasher and FirstAlert look at the Firetrust website.

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